Why does wrong sometimes seem so right? The line between the two sometimes is so thin. You only realize later when you land on Mr. Right that Mr. Wrong was as well doing things so right.
 Then the pink dress that matches so well with the purple shoes that he also bought you. Heavens, how did he know those were you’re favorite too.

Look at your favorite bouquet of flowers on your desk. He got it right, you different from the rest of us ladies, love black roses.


I know you like surprises; surprise dates, surprise road trips, surprise everything. Then the surprise breakup. I doubt if you liked the latter.
Yet like chameleons which change colors wherever and whenever, you don’t know him too well to know his next move.

One thing I’m certain of is that Mr. Wrong must have really been a bright student in his class. Ask me why? They study you really hard to know your preferences, those that you like most and those that you abhor the most. They master the books and their authors that you love the most. Your favorite Ellen G White’s book. Your favorite TV channel. They even understand your unending love for chicken breasts.

Then there is another one called Mr. Left. He is probably the Mr. Right. He is not really perfect. He maybe misses out on somethings. He most probably does not do everything right. He got  you the wrong color of flowers yet that does not make him Mr. Wrong.

A friend of mine once told me, if you’re looking for Mr. Right and can’t find him, how about you drag your Mr. Left the Right. I laughed at that stupid joke. But later I realized she was somehow right. There’s no perfect person. We might have probably just met someone who somehow never did everything right as we expected of them. We might have probably put out bars too high.
What am I trying to say? You could nurture your Mr. Left into being someone you would wish him to be. I’m not saying you assume the role of a nanny.  I mean you could forget building fantasies and simply be a bit real. I only mean, there’s no perfect guy. You know you’re not perfect too, right.

He will sometimes forget your birthday, even your anniversary. But at least he remembers you should visit his parents this Easter. I’m only saying he can’t be too good to be true.

Don’t go looking for Mr. Right if all your character demonstrates is Mrs. Wrong. Work first on being  Miss. Right.

But above all remember, Mr. Wrong like Mr. Left can also love right. So take heed and choose wisely.


20 thoughts on “MR. WRONG Versus MR. LEFT.

  1. Wow! Such powerful words from a father to his son. I’m glad you’re agreeing with me that sometimes we just look for the impossible; locking out true love because of unreasonable bars.
    It’s nice to have followed your site. In fact the pleasure is just all mine. Your pieces writing are really awesome. Thanks for following back Ivor.

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  2. Very enjoyable and interesting article, which reminded me of some advice my dear dad gave when I young, many, many moons ago, dad said to, “Son, never set your own bar too high, be yourelf, and never pretend to be a someone that you’re not, if a girl loves you, she do so because she’ll see that you are kind and gentle hearted”, and with being said I gave my dad the biggest smile and hug,… thanks Dad, words I’ve never forgotten. … And thank you Judy, for following my blog/website, muchly appreciated, hope you enjoy reading my humble writings, and I’m from Geelong, Australia. Cheers, Ivor

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