At such a time when half of my friends are in really serious relationships, I thought I had reasons to worry. Of course I do. Not because of anything, simply because they could be having a wrong definition of a ‘serious relationship’.
That because he finally texted back, “hello” you think you’ll soon get married. And the comment you made on FB he also liked it, so you think that things are getting pretty serious. And because you have really cute conversation with bae before bed, he’s the one.

The both of you love pets and so you thought by getting one together that will mean the beginning of something serious. In your mind you’re thinking it will be hard to get detached cause he will fear to hurt that pet. Think of those damped pregnant girlfriends, is that anything compared to your pet? Getting a pet together though, even jokers often do that, yeah!

He is nowadays very affectionate. I mean he now shows you lot’s of affection, because he holds your hands around the market place and his hugs last for some few more minutes. Body language is very crucial in reading how your guy feels about you. Tight hugs, even jokers often do that, right. 

Oh my God, he just told me ‘I LOVE YOU’. Girl, take some chill pills. Those are very strong words that even johene calls he gets late at night are nothing but business-related. If you thought you were finally having something serious cause now you wake up early to fix for someone else’s man tea and wash his clothes, wake up. Girl, even jokers will move in with you, duh! 

How about you take some chill pills and wait for the right time. There’s nothing as good as finding the right person at the time he chooses to come. So before you go posting everywhere on social media about your new found guy making us think we’re the ones who have gotten it all wrong, be sure it’s all right first.
 But most importantly, make sure you are truly in a serious relationship. Even jokers act real sometimes.  



  1. What about men who think they are in a meaning relationship just to duscover they are being wasted? It is not only men who contribute to a useless relationship

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  2. Judy, I liked the…”even jokers do that, duh”!!! Haha….
    Keep it up, only that when they wake up we will have hard times…
    Good piece.

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  3. So what’s a guy to do if all those signs are downplayed by Judy,or what are the signs of a serious relationship if not all of these and many more?

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  4. Clearly that’s what happens. Don’t let it go to your head lest you get marooned when you’re infinitely and utterly alone. One thing’s for sure the right person wiΔΊl come at the right time. Patience is all it takes. You nailed it buddy!

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  5. Wooow nycc read,my question though is if jokers and serious guys do the same things… will you distinguish the serious guy from a joker??

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  6. So tru……UV just put it in the very right context. At times even jokers act for 5 years……..its time we girl level men to do their role as men…..I like old time live where he makes all the moves n u just have to submit or play hard to get………
    Cheers gal
    Twas a good one

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