Maybe we should take a break.I still care about you but I just don’t hear my heart beating twice fast like it used to.We can still be friends…”

Sandy sat there as she watched the push notifications on her Samsung Galaxy Trend. Different from the other days, today’s notifications weren’t any pleasant. These were the times you would wish someone hacked your partners account; that at least it wasn’t them texting you. Some truths are hard and sad to digest.

The sound of the messages streaming in today were as loud screams so she put her phone on a silent mode. 

“This is not easy and neither are you…I’m breaking up with you Sandy.”

The man she loved, ok, the man who allegedly claimed to love her was now saying he never loved her anymore. A mixture of anger and pain blended nicely to a perfect cocktail of regrets. She now remembered their first, ” Can we talk?” moments to now these seizeless grammatically-poor texts. 

She dreaded the times she looked forward to his phone calls and the many times she trusted his lies-cotted texts messages. But you know what hurt her the most, the break up. Via a text. Wait, being dumped via text. 

“We don’t make each other happy, is that what you want to hear?”

Seriously these texts messages were eating up her every piece of flesh. “Why would he just ask me out and say it on my face that it’s over?” She thought to herself.
Like the first time when they met at Weston Hotel because he said he had something he needed to discuss with her. That was the day he asked her if they could go out together; if they could take their friendship a notch higher. He had been such a well mannered man who would rather meet a lady first and confess his obsession than hit on her on the phone. Even later when things never worked out, he would take her out on dates to discuss over their issues and make up.

Maybe he was now tired of putting on shows.

“I’ve been wanting to tell you this since the day we met…Goodbye.”

What followed was silence, then silence and even much louder silence. Time passed; from minutes to hours. It appears like he really meant that last text. He was gone. This was in any way fair. Breaking up with her via text…no, dumping her via text was the worst treatment she had had in ages. She wished it was not true. She even wished it were better if she had never met him. He must be the greatest mistake she had ever made. The memories came flooding in like tsunami. The walk in the parks, to the movies, to the too long, very long phone calls, to the siezeless texting.Her eyes watered when she read that one. She trembled as she strived to get some strength to hold her phone. The latter word freaked her out. Luke was saying goodbye. No. That couldn’t happen. She couldn’t let him go. Not via text. She struggled with her QWERTY keyboard then finally constructed a statement, “Love, we need to talk.”

Then she saw another notification coming in and she pulled her phone to herself. At least he had agreed to meet up with her so they talk. But that was not what she read. 

“What part of ‘I need space’ don’t you understand? Sandy, it’s over!”


28 thoughts on “SAVAGE

  1. So many times I was deeply troubled when “it’s over ” time came. But with others it was a liberation. Looking back over the decades I see it was best for the “it’s over” times as I would not be where I am in life today if I was still trapped.

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  2. Sure. There’s never any need to cry over it yet it will always bring you trouble in future. The proper way of ending things with someone however should be on a one on one meeting. I just thought.


  3. Too tough a message to accept and digest but at times it pays to just nurse ones wounds and start all over again. This method of breaking up however may portray an act of “cowardice.”

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  4. That’s a good one and once someone has told you that can we talk,act as fast as possible and listen to what he or she wants yo tell you then from your heart talk it whether it is positive response

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  5. That’s a good one and once someone has told you that can we talk,act as fast as possible and listen to what he or she wants yo tell you then from your heart talk it whether it is positive response or negative thoughts

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  6. So cold and so sad but it’s life that’s what happens everyday and one has to get back up, shake off the dust and get moving. Nice storyline Judy you nailed it. It’s the perfect truth!

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