If you love him, Let him go.

Someone once said, if you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you then it surely was meant to be yours. Then if it doesn’t then it surely was never meant to be. How hard or even close to impossible is this. I just thought. But coming to think of it, this has got a lot of sense, don’t you think so too.
When Joe met his first and only true love after highschool, he never thought he would ever get her to love him back. This was because she was seeing someone else; she was simply someone else’s true love, someone who wasn’t Joe.

The innocent boy had gotten his heart loving someone he probably could not ever have. Even with his seizeless gestures towards her direction, they all bore no fruit. His frequent silent prayers seemed to go unanswered. Then a thought came to him, how about he just let her go. If she comes back then they were in deed meant to be. And he did just that.

Love is patient, Love’s Kind, it does not envy and neither does it boast…Love does not delight in evil but instead rejoices with truth…it always trusts, always hopes, but most importantly Love always perseveres. This means, you simple let the other person experience what makes her happy for herself. You don’t stub someone to have her, you don’t have her forcefully love you. 

This is the only test of love; if you love someone and I mean love them truly, you have to give them the freedom to choose what’s best for them. Just a simple way of saying it, let it be mutual. If they don’t feel the same about you, they are perhaps not ready for it. 
So if you truly are in love with that person, give them time to choose; don’t impose yourself on them. Just let him or her go. If he comes back, then he surely was meant to be yours.

Just be careful it is not infatuation. You know what that means, A foolish, unreasoning or extravagant passion or attraction. In simple terms, it’s the synonym of love. 

You’re sure you love him, let him go.


39 thoughts on “If you love him, Let him go.

  1. Absolutely true @gerald love is the most precious gift and it comes in a natural way especially when the time is right..great work Judy such an educating piece of art

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  2. Love is a precious gift we receive from christ,it’s not just a feeling but affection. Those who are actuated by true love are neither unreasonable or blind.@D.A

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