Stay single, Save yourself the trouble. 

girl-in-deep-sleep.jpgMeet a single lady who has dealt with a harsh experience head on, she will tell you, one can never be happy as someone else’s other half unless she is happy while first on her own. That you would rather stay single until someone special actually compliments you in a way that it makes it better not to be alone. Yet again, is being single another meaning for loneliness?

Hell no! One can simply be happy and even have way too much fun in the singles corner. It saves you much trouble than rushing into an abusive relationship. What will it cost you to wait for the right time and the right man?

If you’re holding on to a relationship that has brought you much pain than happiness, if you’re thinking leaving him will mean a lifetime alone, start to think again. You could be thinking that others will think that no one shows interest in you when you finally choose to be single, shun those thoughts away. You’re worth more than that. You’re better single than trying to force a match with an imperfect wrong person.

2015-07-31-1438352045-2751802-2015_06_LifeofPixfreestockphotosfoatwomanbacksantalla.jpgThere are better things like freedom, flexibility that only comes when you’re not seeing someone. This is when you do whatever thing you want to without having to seek for the other persons consent. You just do it! I love the thought of being single, you’re always there when you need yourself. 😉

Just so you know, single does not ever mean, ‘available’ and taken doesn’t mean, ‘in love.’ Not everyone who is dating is happy in it.  And what’s the reason for cursing yourself with a rushed decision and end up suffering the consequences for every single bit of your life?

fft99_mf4458316 (2).Jpeg

Ever noticed, when you’re all single, you always notice nice couples. And when you chose to be in a relationship, all your eyes see are happy singles! I will just conclude that grass is always greener on the other side.

How about if you waited for the right man. Yes, someone once said there are no right men, you simply drag your left man to your right. But wait, there’s that man who will take you, appreciate you in your many weakness and help you shape them to strengths. These ones are given by God.  It’s better to stay single than with an unfaithful chap who will always hurt you, if you’re there, kindly flee!

Still wondering whether to be alone, know it’s probably safer. Much safer like, Totally single, Totally free, Totally happy, Totally satisfied. Notice being lonely is not at all included here, create your happines with your friends. My mother will tell me, “Girl, save yourself the trouble, there’s no right thing as waiting upon God!”

Why the damn rush? Be easy. Stay single. But above all, know that God’s timing is the best.

A dedication to all my single friends who are still waiting upon God’s providence.


22 thoughts on “Stay single, Save yourself the trouble. 

  1. Stay single until the Universe tells you not to.
    There is peace and liberty for singles with the right reasons to be single. Let’s celebrate the season of Singleness!

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  2. True. Staying single saves one a lot of agony that comes with wretched relationships. Moreover, you get to decide the facets of life you want to pursue without any undue pressure to attend to someone else ‘problems’. Till the right time comes, staying single is a limbo of safety.

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  3. Mmmmh, sure. I do agree with you in that. I don’t refute it, one should only be single yet be free to mingle with others, though, not desperately.


  4. Wonderfully true about waiting. He knows and when the time is right He knows. It happened for us. Live life with joy and happiness and wait because when you least expect it is when miracles happen (it happened for us).

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  5. Wow! It’s nice hearing about all this from one who’s at least had an experience. We often forget to love ourselves first before we admit we’re in love with someone else. What a shame, no wander some of these relationships haven’t gone any far. I’m so impressed with the angle you’ve taken it from, sharing your own happiness with each other. I am glad to have heard this. I do wish you all the best in your marriage. Thank you for sharing this nice message here. 😊

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  6. Clearly, being single is preferable to an abusive or unsatisfying relationship. In my experience, relationships take time and effort to develop. It is best not to rush. I agree you must be happy within yourself. If you look for happiness with another person, you’ll likely become disappointed. For me, a happy relationship occurs when two people share their own happiness with each other. This is my perspective after living 66 years and being married for 44 years.

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  7. As much as you have written about being single, am not seems like self defence with singleness, frm the biblical point of it singleness is a gift, most ladies i mean them who call themselvesto be single, how they dress, the hookups, outings and so many thngs done in secret its more evil by the name single, to me am encouraged on how our parents used to live and date therefore lets embrace the societal characters tht can makes live and be meaningful to the current technology

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  8. Wow! Sure, that’s just it. It’s much better being around several friends who make you happy than to one single person who brings you so much sadness.
    Thank you so much Stan. I’m glad you do relate to this from your friends perspective. 😊


  9. Thats very encouraging…
    I have a friend called Brian,who is also single and happy.
    He seems to be interested in linking up with other singles to enjoy their liberty together!

    Nice piece.

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