Kissed by a Judas

nice.jpgAnd so the commandment says, Thou shall not fear thy enemy that attacks you, instead flee from thy fake friend that hugs you. You know one sad thing about betrayal is when it comes from your friend. It will not only just hurt you and  let you be, it will make sure it eats up every single piece of your flesh. Wait, I would simply better define betrayal as when my friend hits on my man.

When Nicole introduced Jack to Moh her best friend, she was like, “Hey girlfriend, meet Jack…don’t snatch him from me.” There were several times Nicole and Jack disagreed yet Moh would never let this happen. She always urged them to keep it strong together; that the two were really meant to be. She was like, “Guys, it’s not over yet!” Moh knew how much they loved each other, she had witnessed their friendship grow day by day. She had heard them making vows of “Till death do us part.” She loved how the two battled together to make their relationship worth something. “You know something Nicole, Jack is the perfect man for you…marry him” Moh always told her.

“I will marry when I want,” was always Nicole’s response though she knew how terribly bad she wanted to walk down the aisle with him.


The three friends kept it together, so very tight. They became very close most especially when Moh mentioned to them that she was soon going to be seeing someone as well. She said there was a guy who was asking her out and the couple looked forward to meeting this guy who was making their friend this happy and confused all at the same time.


Then on this fateful day, Moh broke the ice. “Hey Nicole, I am finally seeing someone. Meet my dream man. Forgive me for this dear.”

“Jack, is this true? Is it true?”

“Forgive me Nicole.”



18 thoughts on “Kissed by a Judas

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