Meaningless Roses!


There’s nothing worse than being too late. How about you say it before you find it is terribly late.Just simply saying what you’re feeling now before it will be too late to say it. Better three hours too early than a minute too late.

Lately I have been thinking of how we often wait till it is terribly late to do good. Think of it this way, you have seen those beautiful roses that lie lifeless as the dead in those grave yards. That with all their beauty and sweet fragrance, they could actually be so meaningless to those lying there.


Picture someone living from hand to mouth. See how miserable he is because he cannot afford to put food on his table. Many nights pass by yet he is sleeping on an empty stomach. A simple khaki pant and an old t-shirt which he can hardly afford to him is luxury.He calls it good living. Then he falls terribly sick and well wishers rush him to the hospital after which they dump him there. He is diagnosed of cancer and the doctor says he needs a kidney transplant. Nobody comes from his family and friends to see him. His situation worsens and because his hospital bill is increasing every break of dawn he begs to be discharged. The doctor refutes his plea and says he has to clear his bill first. Early the next morning, he meets his death.

His family and friends show up faking cries. They clear the hospital bills and take him home to receive a decent burial. Then the roses. Yes the pink, orange,red roses. They are scattered all over his grave. Very beautiful roses with the sweetest fragrance all to a corpse? Crazy!


Trust me, he does not need the roses. They’re so meaningless. Very much uncalled for. Just do not scatter roses after he is gone.


27 thoughts on “Meaningless Roses!

  1. I couldn’t agree more. True reflection of the society today especially the African culture of loving & praising people when they’re no more.

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  2. This is true. What a pity on us who still pay tribute to the people we never cared for while still alive.
    Thanks so much dear. I’m glad you did like it.


  3. This depicts of our culture where we tend to Give the dead a decent burial yet while he/she was alive, we never cared or remembered them in their afflictions.
    Let’s embrace Humanity in our life.
    Nice article Judy.

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