An Open Letter To My Ex

love-letter-love-letters-2Dear Ex,

I saw you updated your status on Facebook as, ‘In a Relationship.’ I bet you are doing fine. I must admit I am so happy for you; at least I am certain this time you might try to love her right. I cannot forget how much I gave you a chance but you took it all for granted and kicked it away. Fret not, I got over you.

I am not writing to intimidate you, no, but I thought I should at least let you know how things are for me ever since you left. You remember the many times we visited that park because I love it’s serenity, well I still go there with my new found love. You know I thought I would never go back there because it so much reminded me of you. But I stopped holding on to the old memories. I finally got over you.

chicken_photo_6I do appreciate the time you took me to that new restraunt across town. You remember how crazy I were over their boneless chicken breasts. Well, I still do love them so I thought I should introduce my new found love to the place. I can not imagine how much he got to like the place too. I noticed I still go there for their chicken breast and not cause it reminds me of you. Trust me, I got over you.

You must have heard that I almost dropped out of campus due to losing you. I know you were also told I tried to poison myself. You might have also heard I attempted murder by jumping over that cliff we often loved climbing. Well, I thought I should let you know that I am in my final year. It’s a wonder how my grades picked up well as soon as you left me. Perhaps cause I learnt I should focus on more important things. And for that cliff, I still love it’s view so I can’t help always going there. It’s not because it reminds me of you. No. I already got over you.

You know that fateful day you sent me a text message saying you no longer want to be with me, I was on my way to your place. I had just bought you the wrist watches you had always dreamt of having. I guess ours was only meant to be a dream. I do not know if you noticed you left me on your birthday. Anyway, that day, I went back home and kept them cause if you never needed me, neither did you need anything from me. How my new found love now wears them so often! He says they reminds him always of me. This would not have been the case with you cause you never appreciated my kind gestures. That is not important now cause I got over you.

watchOur tight hugs, light kisses under the tree by the roadside, holding hands down the street, our late night chats; I never thought they would ever mean nothing to me as right now. Not that they always meant nothing initially. No. I just realized they were not out of a sincere pure love. I realized how arrogant, cold and selfish you were. Just so you know, nothing means the world to me now like my new found Love’s soft hugs, light smiles and short but touching prayers. I guess I just got over you.

Thanks to you I redefined love. At least I now know how much of a difference it is from infatuation. That love is not having my picture as your Whatsap icon. Love is not when you post love songs on my Facebook wall. Love is not walking me home when you’re dying to quickly rush home. Love is not taking me to dates that will leave you indebted in debts. Love is not a side dish.

In stead, love is the essential amino acid that keeps you healthy. Love is simply an unconditional commitment to an imperfect person. To love someone is not just a strong feeling inside. It is Decision, a Judgement and above all, a Promise. If I know what love is, it is because of you. I learnt this when I got over you.

With love.


79 thoughts on “An Open Letter To My Ex

  1. I don't think one can go about writing a book that will dramatically change the lives of others intentionally. Everyone draws their own inspiration in their own way. And I doubt any of those authors ever had any idea of the impact that their words wound up having on the world.


  2. To be honest Daydreamer, maybe you’re right about ‘throwing things about’. I’m just a bit pissed off that all of the ‘encouragement and support’ for Zak because it so so distanced from yourself, yet when there was homophobia before, you can’t get involved in that, can you guys? NO WAY! Even if there was so much as a joke, you’d have to retaliate at all costs. Maybe there’s a cycle of hypocrisy too?


  3. Wauw sikker en fornem gave, jeg hÃ¥ber hÃ¥ber hÃ¥ber at jeg bliver den heldige vinder. Jeg følger dig bÃ¥de via. bloglovin og facebook, har ingen Twitter. Derudover vil jeg gerne have lov til at lave et indlæg om din flotte give-away, det giver jo ogsÃ¥ en størrer chance 🙂 KNUs


  4. Wow, I wish you knew how inspiring these words are dear. Thank you for these nice words. I am glad this one here made you steal a chance to read it. Look forward to many more Loven.


  5. Served cold. This is my first day reading your posts(sorry i have been postponing over and over) and i cant help but scroll to the next on line. i just love them coz they have this tinge of piecing truth, fact, inspiration.

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  6. Agal baby! I am glad you’re with me in this. Sometimes we hold on to things that won’t ever bear any fruits. Haha.
    Thanks for the compliment beauty! 😘😍


  7. Ajudo Nyajimo
    This article is so relatable.
    Moving on is a reality everyone should embrace,it is veeeery possible.Nice piece of art girlfriend.

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  8. Thank you so much dear. Do read it over and over again. Believe me when I tell you that real love does exist. It is only a matter of time and you will find the right one for you.


  9. Sure dear, sometimes great lessons are learnt from really bad situations. You end up wondering how of so much essence someone was in making you look at certain in a completely different way.


  10. Beautifully written again, Judy. ‘Love is simply an unconditional commitment to an imperfect person.’ Oh how true that is. Those imperfections might irk you at times but they are also the traits you start cherishing, isn’t it? 🙂

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  11. In life, sometimes we get to learn through our own exeperiences but the major step is to learn and know how to cope with a new situation and move in.
    Nice article …

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  12. Good work dear I love this I can read it again and again. But I am not so certain that love really exist and if it dies maybe one day I’ll meet that love sijui kwenye tutapatana.

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  13. I really never got any attention to a blogger….. But this changed my perception…. It’s an awesome read….. Especially for a person who just went through such an odeal

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  14. Woiyee.

    But I like the part that describes what love really is……it’s not a feeling.its a decision…a judgement and a promise.
    And that the subject learnt what love really is from someone who never loved her.

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