Before you :):)

Really lovely stuff she has got here. Visit her blog and I promise you, you wont regret it.

Go Girl! Nice work!

Forever Akoth

“_For those that love mind fuckery “

It is funny that you were out there thinking of things that I could have never even imagined,dreaming,loving and wishing over the same stars I wished on when darkness engulfed at sundown. I consistently marveled at what it would feel like to lay with you,to inhale in your serenity and drown in the happiness of our silence. Probably i would get to kiss you and do silly stuff such as count the lines on the palm of your hands,i always wished for that?

I know what screws people most in life is the idea of how everything is supposed to be.In my head I knew that I had my Mr right somewhere and once we were together, everything would fall in and out of place to suffice our needs. I had this faded idea in my head that I needed to save…

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