Emptiness That Only God Can Fill.

You know God created a void in our hearts that it’s only Him to fill. It’s called a God-shaped hole. That when life becomes meaningless, boring and hard to bear, it is simply because we have been filling it with things different from Him. Those are the most devastating moments of our lives when nothing ever seem to make any sense;times you get angry at anything and anyone. Don’t you worry, you’ll be fine. Feeling unsure and lost is almost becoming part of your path. Do not avoid it. See what those feelings are showing you and use it. Try taking a deep breath, is it becoming any better? 

You know when the Samaritan woman met Christ at the Jacob’s well, she must have been feeling so terribly empty. She then thought to herself, how about I seek for the water from Christ. I will never be thirsty ever again. From then, she never felt empty. 

Perhaps you just like the Samaritan woman have been seeking for things that cannot satisfy. These things could be; holding on to broken empty promises, seeking for acceptance from you siblings or parents, wealth that won’t ever be enough or even, grieving the loss of a loved one that has caused you to feel so empty. Whichever the circumstances you’re in, that deep, black, empty void in your heart can never be filled with either of these. Not even your child, spouse or closest friend can fill this vacuum. 

Something that I’m sure of, God can fill it up. Only He can quench your every thirst!! 


22 thoughts on “Emptiness That Only God Can Fill.

  1. Yes! What a wonderful testimony to God’s love and strength. He will not only fill that God hole, but go on to embrace and surround us with His love.


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