Renting my bad luck dress.

So it has taken me almost three years to haul it out of the back of my closet. It has nothing to do with whether it fits or flatters or is season appropriate. It’s simply cause I wear it and a whole chain of predicament follows. If there’s just one thing I just can not wear anymore is this dress. 

I remember how often I wore it in 2015. It was one of those dresses I loved showing up on events with. It just ain’t the same anymore. Nowardays I wear it and I feel like lots of terrible things happen on that day or maybe it’s just true that it brings the bad things to occurrence. 

I can not think of any irrefutably unlucky dress that have the unmistakabke power to ruin my day except for this dress. Lord knows how I abhor it nowadays! It has brought me loss of items like money, lateness to meetings, I even remember it’s the dress I wore when I faced a terrible break up. I think someone else should try this dress out. Perhaps it’s just me who has all these bad luck. Do come and get it from me. 

Then today I thought I should give it one last chance to prove it’s innocence. You know I wear it and the smell just brings back terrible bad luck memories. 


27 thoughts on “Renting my bad luck dress.

  1. Your case is different from mine.
    there is a certain jeans and shirt wherever I wear them, I am most likely to meet a lady that I ever talked with while on that attire till sometimes I do have this thought of ” she will be thinking of I having one attire.”

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  2. Thanks so much for the visit and follow. I love it that you are studying conflicts and peace. The world needs more and more peace. This post made me laugh. I hope your dress brings you great luck today!!!

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