wp-1489735427409.jpgFalling for your best friend is like a little dance under the spotlight, especially when you don’t know how to dance. When that casual kiss on the cheek would have meant nothing until you realize you’re in love with him.Not that , “I love you man” type of love. Nope. The “Let’s get married and grow old together” type of love. Then you just hope they realize their feelings for you. 

Kkkrrrhhh! Kkkrrrrh!

“Morning love. Hope your night was good. Are we going to the movies tonight?”

Des always called his gal first thing every morning. Him and Jane had been together for some good amount of time now. Heaven knew how much he loved her. She was his breath, basically his everything. And Jane, well she said she loved him too.

“Sure we’re going to the movies Des, Tom is coming with us right?”

If you’re wondering who Tom is then don’t. Tom is Jane’s best friend. They’ve known eachother since childhood; attended kindergarten together, went to the same high school and now in the same college. Though she claims Tom comes second after Des now you can confirm that Tom did exist there first. Their parents have watched them grow and often they referred to eachother as siblings. And that’s certainly true, they’re just two too-good-to-be friends.

The other day it was Jane’s birthday and she talked so highly of Tom. She mentioned that he’s a friend she would never wish to lose. They shared their high school memories with their friends and even laughed at some of the silly things they often did while together. It was as though Tom had vowed to look out for her whenever, wherever. Unlike Jane who had been in a couple of relationships, Tom had never gone out with any lady. He only preferred the company of one lady, Jane. She was like his little sister. He loved her. Before the cake was cut, Jane made a wish… Then she smiled at Tom and he smiled back.

Des had grown to be used to their friendship. He never fret about anything cause afterall him and Jane were in love. She was his girlfriend and it was not wrong for a lady to keep a male best friend.

Today at the movies Tom was there too. They sat at the top most left part of the Cinema Theatre since they walked in when the place was already full. Jane sat between them sandwiched like sausage in a sausage roll. She appeared very restless, very anxious of something. The movie was very solemn. Everyone was glued on the big screen. Then Jane turned to her side and looked at Tom. Tom was so much into the movie.

“Tom, I think it’s time you start seeing someone,” she whispered.

“What! I thought I told you already… ” Tom answered before he was interrupted.

“I know I’m just your friend… I love you Tom.” Said Jane.

“I love you too.” He answered before he got so emersed in the movie again.

Jane with a very sad countenance and a sad spirit turned to continue watching but found no pleasure in it. Des noticed something wasn’t right with Jane.

“Honey, is everything ok?” As he tried to draw her close to himself.

“Not at all,” Jane said as she made it to the exit pushing Des away, “I think we should get out of here!  ”

“But we just got here… ,” the confused Des said as he ran after Jane who was now going down the fleet of stairs so hurriedly. Des never knew what to think of anymore after Jane had bid him bye and drove off in a taxi. He wondered what wrong he had done to deserve that harsh treatment. Tom who followed them now stood behind Des. He knew the answers to the questions that were racing up in Des’s mind. But it seemed so unreal to him. Jane was in love with him. She had stopped loving her boyfriend. He never wanted to act as though he knew this because to him falling in love and being in a relationship was just out of this world. He never wanted to date anyone. Not right now. Not at any time.

“Man, is everything ok? ” Tom asked Des though he knew he needed no response at all. He already knew the answer to it.

“Jane’s breaking up with me… She’s leaving me!” Men never break down into tears but this time Des was almost about to. Tom drew closer and offered him a hug. He knew Jane was leaving Des because of him. This was never supposed to be the case. She was his sister!


28 thoughts on “Sister-Zoned

  1. First , before we get into this good job i love it…., I’d
    like to say that I don’t agree with
    the term “friendzone” at all. The
    friendzone is something that was
    made up so people could
    complain when someone doesn’t
    like them enough to date them.
    The friendzone makes this person
    seem like the victim , when really,
    no one has an obligation to be
    physically attracted to anyone else
    in that way!
    But, for lack of a better term, we
    used it here, because it was used
    in this Reddit thread. It’s all about
    why guys will keep girls as friends,
    but won’t take the relationship to
    the next level. Of course, what it
    comes down to that is the guy just
    isn’t interested in the girl in that
    way – and that’s okay, he doesn’t
    have to be. But it’s still interesting
    to find out what keeps a guy from
    wanting to be your b oyfriend. So,
    why won’t he date you, but he’ll
    be friends with you?

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  2. Friends, just good friends, and in love. That’s the nature of relationships. Mmm..this piece went a notch higher to call them siblings. Wonders of love. Awesome. I like it

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  3. I thought of the third variable problem but you got me hanging and snitching in a new scene of Jane and Des being of the same blood …

    Good article.

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