The Late Night Courtship (Part 2)

Falling in love is a form of insanity- it can be described as that can’t-sleep,  can’t-eat kind of stuff. A good reason for not catching sleep could be that, now reality is finally better than one’s dreams.

 Lucy lay there for hours staring at her phone with no response to Jimmy’s last text. Never had she felt this way yet there wasn’t any courage in her to tell him that she loved him too, maybe she will tomorrow . Or rather she just played hard-to-get. Games are the ways we keep romance alive. Playing hard-to-get or even leaving a little imagination allows the woman to be wooed and appreciated while the man feels challenged and intrigued. At least that is what she thought. 

Finally it was break of dawn. 

Jimmy picked up his phone and dashed out of his condo into his car and off to work. He opened his messages then noticed something intriguing. His last chat yesterday. He could not believe he had told her such a true lie; in fact, a whole bunch of lies. He just smiled at the chat then slipped his phone to the drawer. 

Kkkrrrhhhh! Kkrrrh! 

His phone was ringing. This one here came so early than usual. No one called this early, maybe Lucy would. He picked it,“Hello honey,… Ok, I’ll be expecting you then.”

It was Lucy’s day with her Romeo and she could not afford to go unprepared for it. She rang her two friends to inquire which dress looked good on her. One said the long purple dress but she wasn’t for it. Another one suggested the white one  with pink rose flowers on it, no, it would mean she has said yes to him already. As you know, roses speak really a lot. She had ‘littered’ her floor with dresses then finally she arrived to the black one she bought at Jades. It was exactly what she needed today, not too short and neither was it too tight. Black symbolizes death, sorrow, she thought, but that was not going to have anything to do with this day. It was going to be a perfect match with her red heels and her Gucci handbag. 

She was early today. Rarely did she get to work before eight o’clock. Anne, her colleague who always questioned her lateness today had nothing to talk about. Perhaps just admire her looks. The words of Aretha Franklin’s “… You make me feel like a natural woman” forbade her from humming any different tune. They even made her forbid her friends from being seen anywhere close to their frequently visited coffee shop. 

“Lucy, are you ok? You seem so happy today… “Anne asked. It was always close to impossible to start a conversation with Lucy cause she always picked a fight with whoever she chose to. The men even feared telling her she looked stunningly beautiful today, who knew what they would run in to. But unlike the other days, today she was cheerful, she kept asking everyone she came across questions and lot’s of questions more so if you tolerated her.

 “Would you get married to a coffee shop manager?” 

“He has not mentioned a thing about our today’s meeting, could he be having a surprise for me?”

“Is he any likely to propose to me?”

It was a pretty long day for her colleagues who now preferred the quiet days. They never had seen this side of Lucy in love. “Whoever this man was, he certainly did us a great favor though!” they whispered in low tones before the devil in her could awake to haunt them again. 

5 pm at the Coffee Shop. 

She sat at her common table, smiled at the waitress as she made her order. “Cappuccino pliz, and add a bit of Caramel Macchiato.” The last time she was here, yesterday to be precise, she had really put on quite a show. Today she sat quietly doing nothing on her phone but patiently waiting for her Romeo. She kept throwing her eyes all over the room at least to have a glimpse of her Jimmy. But he was taking too long, one hour now gone. Still he hasn’t appeared. Whatever surprise he was preparing for her, it really must be a nice one.  She had gone quarter way her cappucino then a thought came to her that she ask the lady the at the counter Jimmy’s whereabouts. Yesterday she had yelled at her terribly, I wonder if she will be of any help to her today. She ignored that thought anyway, “Miss, could you let Jimmy… sorry, Mr. James that I’m here to see him

“Sorry miss, Mr. James hasn’t arrived yet, mind leaving a message with my manager, his wife Mrs. Carol,” she said as she turned to call her. 

“No, no need to call her. I will just come back later,” Lucy replied as she made her way towards the door. 

She never felt this weak and stupid all at the same time. She grasped  for breath which now seemed hard to access. Tears almost cascaded down her cheeks but this was neither the time nor place to cry. She had to settle in the information. “Carol, his wife!?” Sure, she heard it right. Jimmy was a married man. Lucy almost knocked down a man at the entrance, it was Jimmy. 

“Lucy, I can explain this. I am sorry I lied. But I like you.” All these fell on deaf ears. Lucy never cared to feed herself with any more lies. There wasn’t left anything for them to talk about. If anything, he needed to explain to his lovely wife who the lady that just disappeared through the door was. She cursed meeting him. Worst is thinking he would propose to her. How on earth! Crazy! 
The next day at work- 9 o’clock. 

“You’re so late Lucy,” Anne should have asked this maybe yesterday. 

“Mind your own business, are you now my boss?!! “Lucy shouted as she headed to her desk. 


52 thoughts on “The Late Night Courtship (Part 2)

  1. Hahaha, the public seems to be asking for too much. No need for anyone to worry cause there are several other stories coming soon. Lucy’s heart was terribly broken. That’s for the moment.


  2. Poor Lucy.
    I think she needs to be loved maybe this will change her moods towards her workmates. When she is in love the office is worm unlike when she was heartbroken by Jimmy. I’ll like to know if she will be going to Jimmy’s shop for coffee or that is the end of it all.
    Due to public demand I also ask for part 3.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you Max. At least she should first learn to love those around her before she looks for love elsewhere.
    Many more stories are coming. 😊😉


  4. Don’t you worry dear. Many more others to come. But atleast ladies should learn from her story, falling in love overnight is just out of this world. Your saying is really something to consider, “when the deal is too good, think twice.”


  5. Nice piece of writing judy but there should be a part three.then poor lucy,i hope such does not happen to anyone. I just hate being heartbroken especially such tht one can’t recover from.ladies lets remember when the words r too good think twice just as the proverb goes ‘ when the deal is too good,think twice’

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Oh my! A wonderful piece. I have eagerly waiting to unravel what transpired between Lucy and Jimmy. People Lucy in love it even molds her character. I am looking forward to more fantastic expositions.

    Liked by 1 person

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