Is it a Boy?

It is often said and even believed that babies are gifts given us  from above and that every couple consider it a greatest blessing to have one in their union. Yet in the family of Mr Wales, babies seemed to be more of a curse than a blessing. 
Mr Wales and his wife had gone through several serious struggles to get a baby girl yet their efforts had bore no fruits. Even at the time of delivering their eighth boy, they had promised to leave it there in the hospital room if it were still going to be a boy. Luckily enough, this one here had an exact nose as it’s father’s so they kept it. These several attempts had made them buy several pink girl clothes and shoes which were soon to be donated to their neighbor who like them, had been cursed with only girls. 

Mr Wales boys were growing so fast and now others preparing salted tea, another one keeping his towel in the freezer, another one just does not want to go to school,  their 16 year old who wants to marry his new girlfriend and several fights between the young ones. These kids were getting out of hand. Then an idea came up that they visit the priest living across the street for prayers. In as much as they weren’t believers, they knew their was some power in that man who prayed for some young widow and the Landlord never collected rent for four months except locking her door. Off they went to the Priest’s house and on getting there, the priest smiled widely and said, “It was you I was waiting for, welcome.”This statement wasn’t supposed to freak them out since it was said the priest knows things no man can fathom. After prayers, they were given a piece of aloe vera to chew every morning for seven days. Despite it’s taste, they chanted together as they took it, “NO PAIN NO GAIN!” 

Soon they were going out to shop girl clothes for their baby that was soon to be born. More and more pink dresses, shawls and basins flooded the house. This was not going to be just any baby. The eight boys were soon to be forgotten when a girl is brought in to the picture. They weren’t jealous either, they also looked forward to welcoming her.  All their family and friends were welcome to watch  from outside as the girl was being brought into the world. The Priest as well had come to bless the girl so that no man looks at her for too long suspiciously. 

Alas! Time for delivery had come. Mrs Wales had never experienced such a pain in her entire life. Yes, she had eight boys but never this kind of painful labour. Still her slogan was, “NO PAIN NO GAIN! ” Mr Wale felt as though he was soon beginning his journey as a dad. 

The nurse assisting Mrs Wales in delivery was their common nurse, she too had looked to this time. The large crowd outside watching to see what’s going to ensue. The boys quit their fights to welcome a new guest. 





Finally it was here. The baby had been born. Baby cries filled the whole room. Then there was a frown in the nurse’s face. She looked as though she was in  shock. It seems something was not right. “Is it a boy? “Mr Wales who was standing there asked.He knew that this was not supposed to be the question he should be asking cause he knew what he wanted but still he asked it. Mrs Wales was too curious as well. And the response came. 

“No sir! You have not just one boy but two! It’s a Twin!”

Mrs Wales passed out. 

The Priest disappeared and never showed his face in that town ever again. 

The pink clothes were donated to their as well cursed neighbor. 


30 thoughts on “Is it a Boy?

  1. Wow! You chew aloe vera to get a baby girl because you have 8 boys and then you get 10. What a disgrace. The next time one wants a baby girl they should back up their reasons with the detriment of having a baby boy. Awesome piece…keep writing

    Liked by 1 person

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