I have known him for three years now yet all this time, just crushing on him. Since the start of my first year, we have maintained our seating positions in class; him always seated a row in front of me. He is tall, chocolate in complexion and handsome as well;exactly what most of us ladies would often fall for. But that’s not what makes my heart pound for. He is a sharp guy in class; always concentrating and answering questions asked very diligently. The lecturers seem to like him, in fact they often compliment his intelligence. I remember vividly when I started crushing on him. It was this day during the Sociological Theory Lecture when the lecturer paused his introduction to the topic to perhaps annoy us with a really tough question. “I know some of you are seated here yet you hardly know the French Sociologist who developed the Functionalist Theory, ” he said in a mocking tone. The whole class of first years burried their heads in their lockers except for the only unique guy in our class. “Emile Durkheim!” He uttered. This broke the loud silence that had enveloped the whole lecture hall. That day marked the beginning of my journey of writing letters to him. 

Then I have this closet in my room where I keep everything that you would term as ‘private’ starting from my journal, my diary, my crushes list… name them. From that very first day that he answered that question that only him and the lecturer knew at that time, I wrote him a letter seeking to start class discussions with him. A nice step that was, right? But how would I get the letter delivered to him since he has never looked in my direction. Since then, I have written a couple of letters to him inviting him for prayers, social events and in door games which he has never showed up for since none of the letters ever got to him. It is funny how I open up my heart in these letters only to stock them in my closet. I have become a poet overnight not because I have a gift at it but cause he made me one. Hence today I chose to be sane, I quit writing him letters. But wait, before I do that, I will write him one last one to invite him for a talk. 


84 thoughts on “I QUIT WRITING! 

  1. Great piece! Perhaps that one more letter could be slipped onto his desk just prior to the start of the next lecture since you know where he sits. Oh, and you might want to mention where you sit so he can read it and then turn to look at you. What the heck…it may just be the start of a beautiful friendship and at the very least an interesting discussion. Wishing you the best of luck! =D

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  2. Judith I love your creativity girl..when you will’ll delivery please let mW known. Maybe I might get courage too to face my crush as well…😆

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  3. And another one for supper and another one for……. 😀😀😀😀
    But friend you can write. Though it was too short. I loved it. Very interesting.

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  4. Love doesn’t fear…… Good courage and creative writing…….. Now do this delivery it might change the story and u might start a new chapter of ur life

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  5. Hahaha Judy i saw ‘this’ (one year ahead of me) guy in some lecture hall,i didn’t write a letter, i waited for him to come out and the rest is history….
    Start deliveringv

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  6. This is creativity at its best, bravo. Just a piece of advise supposing it was true; maybe a surprise SMS would work best in this digital world #justhinkingloudly !!!!

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