My After Graduation Speech.

“In this day as we gather to celebrate my graduation, I do believe that we all had been looking forward to it. I cannot fathom the reason why I am so excited about it when I have actually seen a bunch of my friends tarmac with their degrees almost corroding their heels. There is no doubt that I expect a totally changed me after this day. Perhaps a new, mature me. I remember vividly the time I was senior in high school; it came with so much responsibility. It’s not any different from being senior in campus; being expected not to be in the front line when first years are influenced to burn the school and stone the men in blue during strikes. After today, I would want to meet high school kids and urge them to marry their books. Huh! Truly I am finally a legit adult. 

And yeah, I want to eat really good food today. After these four years of starvation, soon I should be eating really good food. I do not mean to sound as though I am a glutton. I think I deserve a better chance to better recipes. After all, I will soon be having enough money to buy myself good food.

That aside, today I credit my success to my Father on High. My journey has not been as easy yet He has seen me through so much life struggles since my childhood. Then secondly to my sweetheart, I wish I would gift you with the perfect gift for being more than just a mum but most especially my best friend and confidant. In deed mum you’re the best thing that ever happened to me; being the sweetest person I have ever known. While I am still trying to find her that special gift, I welcome any suggestions. I need not count my success as mine as I know there would never have been any success without her. I know of all the chances and opportunities she denied herself to make me come this far. Not forgetting my extended family and friends who walked with me in my four-year-journey, I will not hesitate to thank you for the much support you accorded me. Both with your prayers, advice, admonition and even at times financial support. It is sad that after a long time of building a close and memorable connection with friends we finally have to move off to fulfill our respective dreams and ambitions. I wonder if we will ever cross paths again. Truly it is funny how we all start from the same beginnings but end up in completely different places in life. 

I know this will sound like a joke yet with so much certainty I will miss my lecturers who took their time to educate my ignorance. Those professors who at times annoyed me with too much assignments and long essays yet greatly impacted my life. I want to thank my Political Science lecturers who taught me a lot on Marxism of Karl Marx, Foreign Policy, Cold War, League of Nations that was propagated by Theodore Roosevelt in 1902, the great diplomat that ever existed in his time, Klemens Wenzeh Furst von Metternich not forgetting the sweet lessons on Joseph Schumpeter. I could not have understood this much if it were not for you.

And of course my biggest dream of all, it is now time for a real paycheck. Time to have some really good money hitting my bank account. Perhaps money that would just be lying there because I don’t necessarily have to consume it all since I already have more than enough. There is just that pride that comes with having too much of something. Being at the place of Bill Gates does sound like a dream yet I know that it will be worthwhile. But before I get to that point of so much societal importance, I am looking forward to putting “Graduated” on my Facebook Profile. Well yeah, it is important that the world recognizes a new hustler in town. I know given any opportunity from this day, I will not forget to casually tell people, “And hey, I just graduated last month.” Well that’s the pride that comes with it.

Well, now that I have graduated, I want to get married and even have kids. I do not mean to say I will rush into it; I am just certain that the transition from  my graduate’s gown is a wedding gown. How much fun it will be to celebrate the joy of marriage and children when finally the right time for that has come. About the man to walk down the aisle with, well that is left for another day’s discussion. When time is ripe for me, I will definitely spill the beans.”

Hey wait! The much I can do now is just wish.Wish I were dressed in that gown not on any other day but on my graduation day. Until that time comes, I am entitled to wishes, only wishes and building castles in the air. Still I have to continue studying, master those concepts which I can barely understand and grasp the bunch I can. For now I can only continue to fit into my friend’s gowns and wonder how fitting mine will be. Well, there’s no need to worry about anything for it is just around the corner. Let us still continue waiting upon that day.


38 thoughts on “My After Graduation Speech.

  1. Nice piece Judy! Your diction is amazing. Perfectly written. Looking forward to read your book(s) in the near future.


  2. Wow,I’m reading these words and tears fill my eyes. Thank you for the much trust you have in me. I’m not stopping at anything than reaching for my goals for sure. And yes, I think nothing else I offer mum will be of great impact as her seeing me finally succeed. Thanks Joan. :-;


  3. Nice piece Judy! Graduating is awesome! Having achieved it may seem cliché, but it’s not. It gives you inner confidence. So forge forward with renewed hope to reach that goal & turn those wishes into reality. I believe you will make it! And a gift for mum…well…seeing you in that gown covers it all. 😉

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  4. A nice article.You have included life which is the past~high school,the current life and also life that is speculated of what one expects in the future after graduation~ambitions. Hope one will be able to adapt to the new transition that’s challenging which also needs some change and this is because Change is inevitable.

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  5. Nice graduation speech. May God grant your wishes in accordance with His will. Good evening.Nice graduation speech. May God grant your wishes in accordance with His will. Good evening.

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  6. Dreams…wishes…more dreams…more wishes. And oh hope. Hope that the transition works for us. The transition from a graduate to a hustler. That the castle we build end up being strong enough to cushion us. Us and our ‘heels’ or is it wheels from corrosion.

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