Uninterrupted Kenyan Nightmare!

It could be either Africa is a cursed continent or we are just unlucky. But one African country which could be the most unlucky is Kenya. I understand today we are celebrating our heroes who gave their all to see to it that our country attained independence. We even take offs from our places of work to stay at home with our families. But what perhaps has not yet dawned on us is that we’re but living a terrible nightmare.

Our country has been a bed of corruption ranging from corrupt leaders to corrupt policies. The journey of corruption dates back to the always witnessed killings in Baringo-Turkana clashes over cattle rustling. Women have proved so often victims of these circumstances. Just the other day it was reported that a woman with a 12-year-old girl got injured in a shoot out on their way to a medical camp in Lomelo. Yet political leaders are silent on it since the armed weapons are supplied by them and money gained from selling the livestock shared amongst them.

Then the most sad story was the case of the Kenya Assemblies of God Pentecostal church in Kiambaa which was burnt to the ground. The vulnerable women and innocent children were mercilessly burnt to ashes as though they were natives in their own country. Yet our rich, fat, big -stomached political leaders are to blame for the atrocities that were committed after the 2007 election. Until you are grown enough to know that killing your neighbor on behalf of a self-centered politician is not an answer to a good living, then you deserve more schooling dear.

Just in Mandera county the other day,  12 people were killed by Al-Shabaab who pledged retribution against Kenya for sending troops into Somalia in 2011. Hence when Kenyans at Bisharo Guest House suffered that fate due to the government’s hesitance to retract from Somalia, the President has just kept telling us he has done his part and that security starts with us.

The most tragic one that hit us so badly was the death of the 147 students and workers of Garissa University. Here, a mere headmaster of an Islamic School in Garissa, Mr. Kuno was reported to be the mastermind of the attack. An attack that up to this moment some of these students have not gotten over due to the trauma of watching their classmates being killed. But that is not so important. The question is, where are the killers whom the government promised to find with immediate effect?

But as though that is not enough, early February this year, two sign-less and crudely constructed unmarked killer bumps were erected in the middle of a busy international highway. Who on earth constructs sign-less bumps in the middle of a highway where drivers often drive at a crazy speed limit?  On the 10th of December at 9:30pm at Karai in Naivasha, 40 innocent Kenyans met their death in an accident when a Truck carrying flammables lost control due to the alleged irregular erection of a bump on a highway and burst out into flames. The bumps were unnecessary and it was only a matter of time before they reaped what they intended by erecting the bumps. In the 13 vehicles involved in the accident were perhaps girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands, wives, children and even unborn children. Even when Mr. Irungu Nyakera of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure heard of these complaints of the bumps, he only left it for investigation if it is really the bumps that caused the tragedy.

Unceasing strikes of teachers, civil workers, and doctors have become the norm of the day in our country. At least 20 people have died since the doctors strike the other day due to the failure of getting treatment. The case of the baby that died in it’s incubator and even relatives being forced to take care of their sick patients are among the ghostly events that occurred. The most painful is the case of the 65-year-old diabetic, Lucy Fimba who kicked the bucket after his leg was amputated hours before the strike. The 50 patients of Mathare Mental Hospital who have not yet been recovered after their escape at the time of the strike is not even to be talked about. What a shame on our government if they can not give a listening to doctors who studied for 7 years only to be paid pennies as salary! That even when cleaners took care of premature babies in incubators while relatives dressed the wounds of their relatives, the government asks the doctors to call off the strike with no promise of a good pay.

Scandals! Scandals! Waiguru’s NYS lottery! Eurobond scandals have been the songs that we dance to yet no action is taken against these thieves. Just the other day, we lost 5 Billion which was stolen in the Ministry of Health via IFMIS by Top Jubilee Operatives. Top Ministry of Health officials have stolen more even in the NYS-style mega corruption.

Then very soon it’s election time, the corrupt bandits will be visiting our villages with bags of stolen maize and oil of the innocent lives lost at Turkana telling us to re-elect then. Woe unto you if you choose to continue living in this nightmare. It’s time that we awake and vote for leaders who have the interest of the poor mwananchi at heart. It is a time we call corruption by it’s right name. Why can’t we have a better Kenya? We can be a corrupt-free country. I believe we can make it better than it is right now. It’s time we wake up from our sleep.

This Kenyan nightmare needs to be interrupted!



35 thoughts on “Uninterrupted Kenyan Nightmare!

  1. Thank you so much for having that much trust in me. I do highly appreciate it. You won’t regret following me, there’s plenty more to chew here. Nice to meet you. 😊


  2. I like the beneficial data you give you in your article co#&8nt.Itne217;ll bookmark your blog and test again here usually.I’m rather positive I’ll gain knowledge of quite a bit of new stuff appropriate right here! Beneficial luck for your following!

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  3. It’s high time Kenyans realise that complaining about this on the streets, social media and any other place is a waste of time. It’s true there are no “clean politicians” but let’s choose the lesser evil ones! We can choose to react through our votes, that’s the only arsenal we have

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  4. My two cents on the issue. Kenyans are suffering the battered woman syndrome whereby they are so used to corruption, violence and scandals that they no longer feel any pain they are numb to such vices. I wouldn’t go all out blaming the leaders for this mess… it takes two to tango in this highly seductive dance of corruption. There is the giver and receiver and mostly the receivers are Kenyans themselves. Corruption is not just about the massive scandals that bombard our tvs and newspapers, its about those small things we do like for example cheating in exams, paying for marks to be changed, voting in the wrong leaders due to accepting bribes or on tribal lines…. the list is endless. Once we handle these aspects I think we shall reclaim our dignity and pride as a country. It starts with us.
    We also need to stop talking all the time about corruption, terrorism and all those vices and start acting. Report that weird neighbour who is hosting weird people in their house. Report that student who is copying exams (will be quite hard!) Report that person who is changing marks for students.Report that person who is bribing you to either vote or get that tender. report. Say no to corruption! Say no to terrorism! Say no to bloodshed. Otherwise good read and remember it starts with you

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  5. Until you are grown enough to know that killing your neighbor on behalf of a self-centered politician is not an answer to a good living, then you deserve more schooling dear….That was an awesome as well as a sad exposition. Our country is getting worse everyday with the leaders reaping more and more from the dilapidated wananchi. Watakoma pale watakapokuja kuomba kura zetu. Hatutawapa walafi hawa waliotuharibia maisha kujinufaisha wenyewe

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  6. So true, it’s really sad that ignorance plays a major role in all the violences that are going on around. 2017 will soon be here and it will be even as worse as the case of 2007. Woe unto us if we don’t take the initiative to educate our friends on the essence of peace. You and I can do it.


  7. One question I that’s always on my mind is, who will educate the common idle youth in our mtaas, could say I and many others have had the opportunity to be sensitized and know the effects of violence and all that sh*t that happens…. But he, who sits ‘kwa baze’ the whole day akingoja kuni ya macho…. Who will??? 😞😞😞

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  8. Very enlightening. What I still don’t fathom is how these people have mastered the art of “blindfolding & brainwashing” us and how we keep falling for the same traps. Perhaps a proper understanding of ” triple C” chance (which we all have), choice and consequences will be of much benefit to this nation.

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  9. its very unfortunate that we as kenyans we are unlucky…all these sorts of things that happens make our country looks more terrible place to be even to persons who may wish to be kenyan citizens.

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  10. Very unfortunate, tribalism & corruption are a big problem to our country. If we dont fight the former we shud also forget about winning the war on the latter.
    2017 i can tell u we will still elect this corrupt leaders, if we still accept them to trade “handouts” for votes, they will not work after winning. “Wacha tumupatie amalize term yake aende” is the mentality of a mere voter from the village & thats how this bad leaders get back into office, personally i dont see any big changes coming 2017. We celebrate mediocrity!! Kenya for you

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