Never Love Somebody Too Much. 

Everyone suffers at least one bad betrayal in their lifetime. It’s what unites us. Well for Sandy, she knew she could not hurt him enough to make his betrayal stop hurting. And it hurt her, so bad. 

Just gonna stand there and watch me burn, 

But that’s alright because I like the way it hurts… 

Today the words of this song stung her so deeply. She wished she cried so bitterly till she was drained of all her tears. But truth dawned on her that the man she had ‘dated’ for almost two years now wasn’t the man she knew. Geoffrey had never really meant it when he told her that he loved her. Even for the many times he squeezed her so tight to his side till she almost chocked, these moments weren’t worthwhile. The a million times he kissed Sandy’s soft lips were not something Geoffrey really cherished. All those stupid things he told her, all those catch-phrases,  what did they mean anyway? She often found him so annoying and he hurt her on purpose with that refined look of innocence he had. 

Sandy wished she would go back to the day they two met, then she would turn around and walk away. She could not believe how many times she got her stupid heart a victim of all his well-thought for lies.

How on earth did she not know that Geoffrey was not really in love with her in as much as he always took pleasure in saying it? The most devastating part was that she could not even realize that well, at the same time they two dated, he was seeing someone else. And it was clear now why certain days when they curdled so warmly and kissed so passionately as Geoffrey closed his eyes so tightly, he had been thinking of the other woman. That even on those weekends that he begged to finish up his personal engagements at home alone, he was actually with the other woman.

But who knew this time would come? Not even Geoffrey himself did know that the day would come when he would finally be exposed. She received a brief text from a strange number. “Kindly do keep off my man! ” This had come several days of not seeing or hearing from him. These words were close to wripping her heart off her skin. She wished she would ask Geoffrey about this woman. If only she could just call him up and give him a bit of her mind. But that did not really matter now, it was obvious that when he went silent on her then he was with her. Enough proof were the text messages that Geoffrey sent her that were close to resembling Sandy’s. At least she should have been the main chic. But apparently she was not. Thoughts sprang in Sandy’s broken heart, “Did they cuddle and kiss as often as he always did with us?”Oh wait, she realized there was no ‘us’ for the two of them, she had loved him more than he did say he loved her. It would only be true if she said she was in love alone. And she hoped one day Geoffrey would look back at what he had and regret every single thing that he did to let it go.

Time took a halt, days walked stealthily now that Geoffrey was far away. Sandy wished he would realize how bad she was hurting. That at least he would care about her silent treatment. This was not even serving Geoffrey a right lesson. At least a phone call from him would heal a better part of her. The words that Geoffrey never really mentioned hurt her so bad like as though he had said them.

Actually, he did not really care. He wasn’t even thinking about her at night. He probably was not seeing her face in a crowded room. And more obvious, he wasn’t talking about her and how bad he misses her. He might not be even remembering what it feels like to kiss her lips. And that if she ever went about following him then it would only make his ego bigger and her pride smaller. Her heart bled enough to give back four anaemic babies life. Truth dawned on her that Geoffrey had only been using her. Not just once but a couple of times. That whenever his main chic was not around then he would run into her arms. She felt so stupid to have trusted that it was only her alone in that thing they called relationship.

Sandy hated the fact that she had always believed his lies. That still her heart would melt at the sight of his charming love messages. She would trust him yet again. She would even forgive him if he asked her to; but it was not going to happen with Geoffrey’s ego.  Despite the betrayal, she would still wish he came back and kissed her as much as the old days. Could it be someone cast a spell on her? She just loved Geoffrey too much. Terribly much. How could he do this to her?

She felt so alone that she even skipped some meals. She had changed so badly to impress him. He just took it for granted. He never really told her that he liked how she looked. All that was left of her was bitterness. She sobbed everyday since she knew that tears were the only balm left to her soul. A week since the woman had added to her many doubts of Geoffrey; a whole week of not hearing from him. At least he oughts to have checked to know if she was still alive. But she wasn’t sure either how she would react to him after the betrayal. It hurt her again more as the words of that song continued to play. Still no text. No phone call.


Krrrrhh! Krrrrrrrrrh! 

Then her phone rang.


34 thoughts on “Never Love Somebody Too Much. 

  1. I’ve been telling everyone to watch this movie for weeks now. I think it’s bloody fantastic and deserves a large crowd. Did you ever see the original broadway production? Steven Sondheim is a geonas.Riminu, no I did not see the stage version, though I attended the film with someone who did who gave their perspective and applauded Tim Burton’s adaptation. –DHS

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  2. Hi Sue,A gathering of process aritit-faciltsator types, most of whom have Art of Hosting experience – intent to create a local community of practice. And then a full day visioning retreat with several leadership coaches – invited to participate with an eye to joining them. Splendid all the way around!

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  3. Robert & Michelle Spencer – WOW!! These pictures are amazing! We can’t wait to see the rest of them! Thanks for being so much fun on Sa8dtuay&#r230; we had a great time! You’re the best!

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  5. Its a sad world indeed ,good we have learnt from sandy’s story lesson Well derived Never trust any man neither should you give them your heart only do that through talking that is if you really need to.Nice read bby gal.

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  6. If you’d ask me, I’d say we should do everything under the sun to the best of our capabilities so that at any given time if we are to look back, we would do so knowing we gave it our all and even if it didn’t work out, your conscience is clear.
    With that said, you should love and do it well. You should be in a relationship and do your part well. It ain’t a nice feeling to know something didn’t work out because there’s something you didn’t do…

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  7. This is a true picture of our society today.

    Reminds me of someone who ones said before you give your heart to someone you *photocopy and retain the original !!!*

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  8. You should love someone too much,it shows that you love yourself enough to give another what they deserve, if it doesn’t work, get yourself together, heal and focus on yourself until you meet better,God always has better plans,cry when you are hurt,it relieves the pain….Love yourself enough to know what and who is worth your energy, time,loyalty and love.Eventually everyone will at a point hurt you but you got to know who is worth it,and ask yourself, if I cry or do this at this time,will it matter five years from now??if it won’t then let it be..Happiness is a choice and the best thing you can give yourself, don’t let your happiness be tied to someone

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