Lordy,Lordy Look Who’s 20

It has been a while since I last attended a birthday party; I guess the last time I attended one was on my own birthday. Huh! Hence I think it will be worth while to attend one today. Hey Polet, where’s the party?

But that’s not so important though. It’s my best friend’s birthday and I must admit, I don’t know how to make it special to her. Does anyone have any idea that could be of help to me? You know friends, unlike Family where one  has no Hobson’s choice to decide whether to belong, you choose them. I do thank God for having chosen you since you’ve been that friend that has always sticked by me even I proved so difficult to handle.

Polet,I know time might not allow me to mention all those paths we have troded on together but allow me to mention just but a few. Just like some fairy tale, we met when we were still very young in Primary school, you’d be so patient with me as I pack every single thing including my crayons before we left for home from school. Then after KCPE we joined different Secondary schools where we kept meeting at those Music symposiums. We only cared about seeing each other there and not those too many long lectures on Western Music, Traditional African Instruments. Then soon after highschool we kept our several meetings in that ka-Mpesa shop. Our girl talks still never run out even unto this day. And even when we joined campus, nothing has changed . It make’s me wanna sing this song;

Still feels like the first time we met… And I told you I loved you, we still run around like teenagers even though we’re grown… The question everybody ask is how we make it last, I tell them, I still, she still, we still. 

I really appreciate your always cute smiles, loud laughs, passion for life and for always having my back. Your personality is really a talk of the day. Friends do ask me what keeps you that happy and I tell them, you have nothing to worry about. I do wish to have that spirit of yours and the positivity that runs your life. I do thank God so much for giving me you. Still I pray that in all your endeavors He may grant you all your wishes, prosperity and happiness.

I am hoping that He may keep us together until our last life breath, perhaps until when the both of us are married and with our own kids. I know you rarely mention this but I understand it’s on our wish list. Though you’ve been always single your entire life, thanks a bunch for your relationship advice that at no time ever failed. I do really cherish all our good times and look forward to many more of such. And so as you turn 20, I write this is in honor of our friendship. If only I could give the whole world to you. This is the much I can give to you.
Do enjoy your 20th birthday sweeth’rt , I do love you so much Polet Fiona.


16 thoughts on “Lordy,Lordy Look Who’s 20

  1. Very insteerting subject , thanks for putting up. “All human beings should try to learn before they die what they are running from, and to, and why.” by James Thurber.


  2. At last with joy and cellebration to grace anew year gazing you are turning 18…..

    mmmmmh. smiles and loughter in good times and tears in painful moments but here we are as strong friends perhaps its for eternity.

    Great future is here for you madam but note that its determined by the role you play in life cycle… cheers swrry


  3. awesome piece for my favourite human..in good and bad times we still friends.we tease,we quarrel,we get angry at each other but then we still stick to who we are..i have only known for a few years but then i can attest to your personality,your beaufiful smile and i pray as you trun a new leaf,may you continue with these attributes which make you stand out from the rest. as you turn 20,i pray for prosperity and God’s guidance in all dealings in yuour life..Happy Bithrday Paullette Pheonah..I heart You

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  4. Nice read. I didn’t know we have bloggers in our cicle of friends. I echo the jovial positivity nature of my sister. Turning what again? I thought 16!

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