Something About His Eyes

First impressions have and will always count. Folks have never been wrong on their thought of one most especially on a first time experience. Hence who am I to discredit this. 

It was on this fateful day; still it is as fresh as day in my mind. After a tedious day of running several errands ranging from classwork to assignments, I stopped at a Grocery shop to grab some fresh fruits. With my almost empty stomach, I thought it wise to start with fruits before a main meal. I had been acquainted with the Grocer Lady for quite some number of reasons. First cause it wasn’t just once that I had stopped by. Second is cause she always promised to give me discounts. But the most important reason is cause we identified with her in terms of tribe, not meaning to be tribal though. And so as I always did it, I started with really long chats on the Country’s rot. How corrupt our country was becoming, not forgetting to mention the several billions that were lost in the Ministry of health.

Hardly had we gone further in our talk when someone walked in. First, I never cared much to find out who it was. Then what followed was an intense silence. The Grocer had lost interest in the little talk on corruption, she thought she should serve her customer first. So annoyed with this person who walked in just when I was having a nice forum for bargain, I thought I should be on my way. But not before I fetch the mangoes and apples that made me go in that long road of corruption stories. 

“Could I get fresh ripe bananas? “The customer inquired. He happened to be a guy. Oh my, I was so stunned with his voice. It came out just perfectly right. Not so hoarse neither was it too soft. Just perfectly right. I noticed some calm in his voice, some sought of tranquility. His voice seemed to have swallowed all the noise that had stolen a better part of that store. It’s as if it had sent all unrest and noise on their heels. I had always thought hoarse, rough, rude, uncontrolled voices are associated to men. But his was neither of these. Very different. 

I felt a strong urge of seeing this man. So not to make him realize I was stealing a glance of him, I lifted my face over my right shoulder to steal a glance of this man who was still standing at the door. 

A figure of a middle-sized man with a chocolate complexion, pretty broad shoulders;he was neither built nor skiny.He had an almost-not-buttoned maroon shirt with khaki pants on. Then in that moment, my eyes met his and so did his. Both of us seemed disappointed with this. I never intended to have him catch me looking at him and so did he. 

His eyes, they looked as though a bit lazy. A little watery as if soon to shed tears. Still they looked keenly as if they were seeing something past my skin. I think his eyes were trying to say something, something that only my heart could listen to. I tried to listen but my efforts were furtile. I noticed they looked as if they were shy. They could not look persintely as at times he withdrew them from me and pretended to be looking across the shop. His glassy, shinny, white eyes were doing something to me. I felt butterflies in my now empty stomach. There was something about those eyes that had began to get me going crazy. Never in my life had I ever seen a man with such eyes, perhaps in Soap Operas, never in real life. I felt a need for possession, it was like as if I was finally with that man.The one that I had always been dreaming of. His looks melted every bit of me. I wish I could look into those eyes for the rest of my life. His eyes were amaze, I couldn’t help but get lost in. 
Then he walked straight in and stood right in front of me, some few inches from where I was. I wish I’d say that at this moment I was still alive. I don’t know how fast my heart beat, how shaky my fingers were. I think I was breathing too loud and fast that he could hear it. In his renewed silence, only his eyes glew. They weren’t yellow like a comic book cat, but the softest of blue, like they soaked in the spring sky only hours ago and are now letting it radiate out gently unto the twilight. 

Then he stretched his hands, “Hey, I got to eavesdrop in your talk, you must be a really good story teller. Pleasure meeting you, I’m Rick.” His stretched out hands held mine so firmly. They felt so warm and pretty soft. Still looking into my eyes, I imagined he was seeing right through me. It is said eyes do kill,  neither was I any far from my death. 

But my ego couldn’t let me chicken out. In as much as I wanted this moment to last, I just could not show him this. So as if not affected with today’s drama that was lasting forever, I excused myself. “Sure. But sorry I have to leave.”As though in a hurry, I made my way out of the grocery shop. I never meant to be rude at all, I just couldn’t let him see how weak I was in front of him. He was just a perfect man at an imperfect time. I hope to meet him soon though. Then, I will treat him right, give him all my time. Tell him it was my pleasure too to meet him. Even as I curse myself for being so stupid, I pray to God to give me another chance with him. Just to see those eyes again, the eyes that pierced right through me wripping me into pieces. Perhaps this time I won’t blush. Maybe I will stare back without avoiding his long stare. I don’t know, but there’s something about those eyes that makes me realize that I am so in love with him. 


5 thoughts on “Something About His Eyes

  1. Good heavens, Judy! I’ve so many questions I wanna ask you but I’ll save them for your inbox. It’s a good piece. Write on.


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