Judy in Lublin

I am certain I might not sum up all that ensued during my Erasmus in Lublin, however, I urge you to tune in regardless. Dzień Dobry! (Polish translation for Good Day.) If its your first time here, I am a Master's student in the Czech Republic, with a specialty in Central European Studies. I am… Continue reading Judy in Lublin


Happy Birthday, To Me!

It's been a beautiful 20 plus years and I can't stop to hope for great ones ahead. To grow wiser, and unapologetically myself is my wish for this year. I have alot of things to be grateful to God for, among them lessons learned, fun had, joys shared, not forgetting the mistakes made; if it… Continue reading Happy Birthday, To Me!

Valentine’s Sitch.

The day so packed with activities; time flew today than it did in the preceding days. Cars screeched and horns deafened ears. Time is 4 pm. The date is February 14th. Lazy workers already hit the road to be with their lovers lest they change their minds. Valentine's day might as well have gotten canceled… Continue reading Valentine’s Sitch.

Ten, Nine, Eight…

Happy New Year! Cheers to more successes; increased salaries, going on more trips, getting that second degree, rising to that senior management and executive position, building your mama that house, name it. Lest I forget, if this should be that year, then marry that woman already. I think its long enough since you sister-zoned her… Continue reading Ten, Nine, Eight…

Inspiration Lives In You

Ever looked around you and noticed others thriving and wondered what you could possibly be doing wrong? Confidence, wear it like makeup. I mean, this is something we all deal with from time to time. I came to realize that self-confidence is a key tool for resolving this. Not everyone is born confident; some of… Continue reading Inspiration Lives In You

My Birthday Wish.🌹

Time: 00:00 hour. Location: Santorini. It's spring time here. Very little showers but the sun will soon be here so I am not going to fret about the showers ruining my great day. How best to be celebrating my 24th birthday for the second time. Perfect age, perfect time, perfect health, perfect place, perfect everything.… Continue reading My Birthday Wish.🌹