Judith Gerald is a 4th year student at the University of Nairobi. I’m pursuing a degree in Political Science and Conflict and Peace studies.

You could call me an Introvert and I would of course agree with you. Science tells me that I am both a Choleric and Sanguine all at the same time. You’ll agree with me that I am a very lively,sociable,carefree,talkative and pleasure-seeking person. Easily I make new friends, always very imaginative and artistic and often if you’d be friend me, you’ll get to know that I got very many many ideas yet still very Optimistic.

My chums have failed to agree that despite being a Sanguine, still I am a Choleric.But this is very evident to those who know me pretty well that I tend to be egocentric and even extroverted.I could be excitable,impulsive and restless with reserves of aggression,energy and/or passion and I at times find myself instilling that on others. It’s evident in how I am task oriented and often trying to get a job well done:everything in it’s right place even if it will call for too much sacrifice on my side.Id be too ambitious till mum would remind me,”Hey girl,One step at a time” Yet that’s just a bit on my personality.

Being the only daughter and Child of Mrs.Jane Gerald could explain to you the benefits that come alongside it. Born of a very strong,beautiful, devoted, loving mother has been the greatest gift that I never wished for yet still I got it. My followers on Social media would testify that my mama is indeed my everything in this life once lived.

Still I enjoy reading novels, singing, drawing,participating in debates,cooking most especially chapos, writing; yeah,though I haven’t done it for a while now. Ironing, of course( I promise you I could do it for a whole day) and so to sum it,traveling to new places.Yet that’s just a tidbit about me.


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